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Physiotherapy Hawthorn

Physiotherapist Hawthorn

Personalised physiotherapy solutions to improve your standard of living.

Exceptional Physio Hawthorn

When it comes to musculoskeletal problems, finding impactful treatment is essential. The longer you ignore aches and pains or hope that an injury might get better on its own, the more damage you risk doing to your body. Sometimes the solution may be as small as posture adjustments or at-home exercises, but other times you may need the unique injury management and rehabilitation that can only come from experienced physiotherapists. 


Finding great physiotherapy services may seem difficult, but the care you've been searching for may be closer than you realise. You don't need to make your way all the way into the heart of Melbourne to find crucial recovery support from a physio. The injury prevention and pain relief you need are readily available -- you just need to take that very first step.

Experience Enhanced and Personalised Physiotherapy Care

Our Eastside Physio clients live all across Melbourne. We are proud to offer Hawthorn locals a way to build a healthy lifestyle once again, using evidence-based rehabilitation to achieve personal health goals and recover from injuries. 


Ultimately, physiotherapy is all about treating musculoskeletal conditions and reinstating proper function in the body. Not only will our team work toward full rehabilitation and pain relief, but we will seek to improve the overall condition of your health. We take a particular interest in increasing core stability, rebuilding strength, increasing mobility, preventing further injury, and speeding up recovery.


Core stability and strengthening can be achieved not only with personal exercise prescription and manual therapy, but also through group classes. Eastside Physio can offer classes such as clinical pilates, which offers full-body benefits in a welcoming environment for all abilities and fitness levels. With a one-on-one consultation, a physiotherapist will be able to advise you on the most appropriate treatment options.

What We Treat at Our Practice

Anyone leading an active lifestyle may find themselves in need of a physiotherapy clinic. Maybe you've injured yourself at dance training, noticed that it's getting harder to run, or simply find yourself experiencing unwanted shoulder pain at work. Everyone from office workers to people actively competing in multiple sports can find themselves in a physiotherapy clinic. Here are some of the areas that we commonly treat at Eastside Physio.



Your spine and lower back are made up of intricate, delicate structures. When something like chronic back pain or spinal injuries pop up, your entire body can suffer. Receiving swift care is essential to your health and movement.



Being able to walk and move through your day is crucial to your well-being. Nasty hip and pelvic injuries such as arthritis or stress fractures can make your day-to-day life excruciatingly painful. Fortunately, a physio will be able to help eliminate this pain and speed up recovery.



For many athletes, ankle injuries can leave them trapped on the sidelines. There are varying levels of damage that may be causing you pain, from minor issues such as shin splints to severe injuries to the ligament. Working with a physiotherapist can get you back on your feet quickly and safely.



Knee injuries are extremely common for athletes and non-athletes alike. Whether you’ve damaged your ACL, recently undergone an operation, or struggle with osteoarthritis, the Eastside Physio team will be able to help you along the road to recovery.



In the world of at-home working setups, shoulder pain is more common than ever. Posture adjustments can sometimes do the trick, but further physiotherapy may be required to help support rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulders, and other forms of damage.



When your tendon is injured, your mobility can suffer significantly. Issues like tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and tennis elbow can all be treated with the help of prescribed physiotherapy treatments.

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The Eastside Physio Approach

Individual Treatment Plans 


Everything we offer is designed exclusively for you. By first diagnosing your condition and finding immediate solutions to relieve your pain, we will then work to build a personalised treatment plan. This will aim to speed up your recovery, prevent further damage, and improve your overall lifestyle.

Areas of Focus


Each physio on the Eastside time comes with their own experience and areas of interest. This may include areas such as sports injury recovery, headache and migraine treatment, and women’s health. Whatever you may need, our team can deliver.

Holistic & Collaborative Approach


We take pride in our dynamic and collaborative physiotherapy practice. We utilise a range of therapies to deliver well-rounded treatment options, and the collective experience of our team gives us the ability to offer holistic, whole-body care.



We offer more than just one-on-one consultation. We have a full range of classes available at our on-site facilities. If clinical pilates could offer benefits for your recovery, you will be able to find a class at Eastside Physio that caters to your ability level.

Meet Our Physios

Our physiotherapy clinic is located near Hawthorn, VIC. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional care to all our patients. That might be through clinical pilates, dry needling, a spinal physiotherapy-focused practice, endurance training, remedial massage, or many other techniques! We boast a broad range of physiotherapy services at our clinic. Whatever you need to improve your fitness and the effects of your injuries, our team will be able to lend a hand. Each of our team members takes a keen interest in particular areas, so we're bound to have someone right for your needs.

Common Injuries Our Physios Treat

Lower Back Pain

Acute strain

Disc bulge, protrusion, or herniation

Chronic back pain​

Core Strengthening

Ankle Injuries

Ligament injury

Calf strains
Shin Splints

Compartment syndrome

Hip + Pelvis Pain

FAI (impingement)

SIJ pain

Arthritis + joint replacement

Gluteal and Hamstring tendonitis

Osteitis pubis + Adductor injuries 

Stress fracture​

Knee Injuries

ACL, PCL, MCL recovery

Meniscus injuries

Osteoarthritis + GLA:D program

PFJ (Patella) pain

Post-operative rehab


Achilles tendonitis
Patella tendonitis

Tennis and golfers elbow

Plantar fasciitis

Rotator cuff

Shoulder Injuries

Sub acromial impingement

Rotator cuff tear

Frozen Shoulder


Dislocation and subluxation

Revitalise Your Life With Physiotherapy Services

The Eastside team works with patients facing all different types of injuries and health problems. At the end of the day, our end goal is going to remain the same no matter what kind of challenges you're facing.


By working with the unique expertise of a physiotherapist, you will be able to see your quality of life flourish. We want to create a happier, healthier future, with less pain and a lowered risk of further injury.


Nobody deserves to live life in pain -- take a step toward enhanced health and a more fulfilling life with the help of tailored physiotherapy services.

Start Your Journey at a Hawthorn Physiotherapy Clinic

Your better life can start today. Say goodbye to pain and injuries by booking yourself in at our Hawthorn clinic, where our team will be able to get you back to the sports and activities you love.


By making a booking, you can benefit from pain management techniques and health advice from experienced physiotherapists. The longer you wait, the slower your recovery will likely be. Contact us today to ask any further questions and find a date for your very first consultation.

Book your Eastside Physiotherapy Appointment

Treating patients across Hawthorn, AshwoodAshburtonAuburnBalwynBlackburnBox HillBurwoodCamberwell, Canterbury and Doncaster. Call today or book online.

Directions From Hawthorn To Our Clinic

By Car:

  1. Start from Hawthorn and head east on Burwood Rd towards Power St.

  2. Turn right onto Auburn Rd and proceed north for approximately 1.4 km.

  3. Turn right onto Riversdale Rd and continue east for about 2.6 km.

  4. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Mont Albert Rd, heading east for about 1.1 km.

  5. Turn right onto Elgar Rd and travel north for approximately 1.1 km.

  6. Turn left onto Canterbury Rd and continue west for approximately 750 metres.

  7. Eastside Physio + Co will be located on your left-hand side at 427 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills 3127.

By Bus:

  1. From Hawthorn walk to the nearest bus stop and take bus route 624 towards Kew.

  2. Alight at the Riversdale Rd/Elgar Rd bus stop.

  3. Transfer to bus route 612 towards Box Hill and alight at the Canterbury Rd/Elgar Rd bus stop.

  4. Walk west along Canterbury Rd for approximately 750 metres, and Eastside Physio + Co will be on your left-hand side at 427 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills 3127.

By Tram:

  1. From Hawthorn walk to the nearest tram stop serviced by Route 70 (e.g., Burwood Rd/Auburn Rd).

  2. Take Route 70 tram towards Wattle Park and alight at the Riversdale Rd/Elgar Rd tram stop.

  3. Transfer to the Route 109 tram towards Box Hill and alight at the Canterbury Rd/Elgar Rd tram stop.

  4. Walk west along Canterbury Rd for approximately 750 metres, and Eastside Physio + Co will be on your left-hand side at 427 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills 3127.

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