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Physiotherapy Burwood

Physio Burwood

We all desire the freedom to move effortlessly and achieve our fitness and wellness ambitions, whatever they might encompass. As humans, we're each uniquely constructed and possess our own understanding of what's 'normal' for us.


When something in the body you've always known feels awry, it can be disconcerting and troubling. In some instances, injuries and illnesses can hinder our progress in reaching our goals; however, this doesn't imply that recuperation is unattainable.


Our Burwood physiotherapists dedicate themselves to relieving pain and restoring your customary movement patterns. At Eastside Physio, our focus is to mitigate and extinguish pain, renew muscle and joint function, and elevate your overall mobility so you can embrace a happier, healthier, and injury-free lifestyle.

Benefits Of Physiotherapy in Burwood

Relieve Pain

Techniques used by our Burwood physios aim to relieve pain by taking your individual body into account, incorporating therapies that are tailored to your specific injury or condition.

Speed Up Recovery

Recovering from an injury or illness can be difficult enough, especially if you’ve also had surgery. Regardless of your situation, physiotherapy may help speed up your recovery by targeting injured tissue and working on it to regain function, reduce aches and pains, and strengthen vulnerable areas. 

Restore Movement

Injuries and conditions may inhibit your movement and make you feel stiff and immobile. Physiotherapy may help to restore movement and function through targeted exercises.

Build Strength

We need strength to keep us performing at our best, whether that’s playing sport or moving around the house. Physiotherapy may help you to build strength where you need it most, such as the legs, arms, neck, back, and core, decreasing your risk of injuries and helping you to reach your goals.

Increase Mobility

Mobility may be increased through strengthening exercises, endurance training, and balance and falls prevention, helping to give you back as much independence as possible.

Prevent Injury

Many people engage in a Burwood physiotherapist as a means to prevent possible injuries in the future. Whether you’re a senior or a professional athlete, injury prevention is of the utmost importance. Physiotherapy aids injury prevention by identifying and strengthening areas of weakness. 

  • A thorough history is taken to establish the cause of your injury.

  • A detailed physical assessment is done to identify the extent (grade) of your injury. 

  • This is really important as we often see people who have failed “rehab” for a condition, only to find that previous treatments were not appropriate for the grade of the injury.  

  • Expect to receive hands-on care designed to immediately reduce your pain and speed up the recovery process.

  • The factors contributing to your pain will be identified and you will learn exactly what you should be doing to help speed up your recovery.    

Tailored Recovery Program
  • The exercises prescribed are specific to your injury and your individual needs. 

  • Expect guidance from your treating physio to ensure that you are improving as fast as possible.

  • You will gain the knowledge and tools to help yourself maintain your function.

Our PhysiotherapyTreatment Process

Our focus is on individually tailored treatment plans that are specific to your needs and goals. No matter your age or ability, we recognise you for the individual you are and we respect and value your opinions as much as you do ours.


During your treatment you will have time to ask questions and involve yourself in the treatment process.  At Eastside we work with you to plan the route to recovery and build strategies to get you back to good health as quickly and as safely as possible.

Shoulder impingement test

Our Burwood Physiotherapists

At Eastside Physio we take a collaborative approach to your health. We combine our collective knowledge to offer you the most well-rounded treatment plan possible, and we aren’t afraid to join forces if it may be the most beneficial route for you.


Each of our team members has specific areas of interest, so regardless of your injury or condition we have the physio— or physios in Burwood— for you.

Common Injuries Our Physios Treat

Lower Back Pain

Acute strain

Disc bulge, protrusion, or herniation

Chronic back pain​

Core Strengthening

Hip + Pelvis Pain

FAI (impingement)

SIJ pain

Arthritis + joint replacement

Gluteal and Hamstring tendonitis

Osteitis pubis + Adductor injuries 

Stress fracture​

Ankle Injuries

Ligament injury

Calf strains
Shin Splints

Compartment syndrome

Knee Injuries

ACL, PCL, MCL recovery

Meniscus injuries

Osteoarthritis + GLA:D program

PFJ (Patella) pain

Post-operative rehab


Achilles tendonitis
Patella tendonitis

Tennis and golfers elbow

Plantar fasciitis

Rotator cuff

Shoulder Injuries

Sub acromial impingement

Rotator cuff tear

Frozen Shoulder


Dislocation and subluxation

Why Choose Eastside Physio?

At Eastside Physio we pride ourselves on being your local physiotherapy team you can turn to for quality care and advice.


You may find that there are so many different treatment options available that it can easily become confusing, and we understand how much more difficult that can make finding the right physiotherapist.


We believe in being honest and reliable and using our knowledge and experience to give you the best chance of reaching your goals as soon as possible.

Book your Eastside Physiotherapy Appointment

Now seeing patients in Burwood, VIC. We regularly treat locals in the following suburbs: AshwoodAshburtonAuburnBalwynBlackburnBox HillCamberwellCanterburyDoncaster and Hawthorn. Book now!

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