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Physiotherapy Ashburton

Ashburton Physiotherapy

Exceptional physio services are conveniently located right at your doorstep.

Your Local Physio Ashburton


Some people will search their whole lives for the 'perfect, effective treatment' to solve all their problems. We all strive to reach our fitness goals, enjoy unrestricted movement, and live lives free from damage. It's important to remember, however, that healthy living is going to be a unique journey for every individual. No two patients are the same, and something that may be normal for something else could be of major concern for you. That's why it is essential to find a recovery method that can be catered entirely to your physical health, your needs, and your goals.


You know yourself best. When something feels wrong, chances are you'll realise immediately. Whether there's an unsettling change in your health you wish to address or whether there is an injury or illness holding you back, you deserve to be able to bounce back. Physiotherapy provides a solution for countless individuals facing countless health obstacles. Sports physiotherapy, post surgical physiotherapy, and general care are all available to treat a broad range of conditions.

  • A thorough history is taken to establish the cause of your injury.

  • A detailed physical assessment is done to identify the extent (grade) of your injury. 

  • This is really important as we often see people who have failed “rehab” for a condition only to find that previous treatments were not appropriate for the grade of the injury.  

  • Expect to receive hands-on care designed to immediately reduce your pain and speed up the recovery process.

  • The factors contributing to your pain will be identified and you will learn exactly what you should be doing to help speed up your recovery.    

Tailored Recovery Program
  • The exercises prescribed are specific to your injury and your individual needs. 

  • Expect guidance from your treating physio to ensure that you are improving as fast as possible.

  • On completion of your treatment you will  be equipped with the tools and knowledge for self maintenance.

Reach Your Optimal Health With Physiotherapy


Here at Eastside Physio, our Ashburton physiotherapists have one key goal: to alleviate discomfort, re-establish your typical mobility, and improve your overall quality of life. You deserve to lead a happy and healthy life, free from injury or chronic discomfort. To get you there, our therapists will work to minimise and eradicate discomfort through the use of highly skilled physiotherapy techniques. With the support of an experienced and knowledgeable healthcare provider, you can rejuvenate your muscle and joint function, enhance your movement and flexibility, and return to the active lifestyle you deserve to lead.

Treatment at Eastside Physio


Our philosophy is to deliver individually tailored therapy plans that centre around your physical needs and ultimate health goals. Our services are for everyone -- no matter your age, fitness level, injury, or physical ability. Our physiotherapists seek to listen to each patient and recognise their individuality. You can trust that your voice will be heard at every single step of the recovery journey. Your questions will be answered, your preferences will be taken into account, and we will work with you to build a route to recovery and good health.


Our recovery process is simple and straightforward. We will start by providing an accurate diagnosis, taking a detailed physical assessment to identify the cause and extent of your injury. After that, we will work toward reducing your aches, identifying factors that could be causing discomfort and providing fast solutions to ease your affliction and speed up recovery. From there, we will launch your tailored recovery program. You will be prescribed exercises specifically designed to guide your recovery and re-establish your strength and mobility.

Shoulder Physiotherapy

Conditions We Treat

Lower Back Pain
Your spine and back are highly sensitive structures. With a physio appointment, you can address the underlying cause and get back to living life to the fullest. Eastside Physio can help treat conditions such as chronic back problems, acute strain, disc bulge, protrusion, or herniation.
Tendon Pain & Injury
Tendonitis is a nasty condition to live through. Seeking support from a healthcare provider is essential for the recovery process. As well as Achilles and Patella tendonitis, we can help treat tendon conditions such as plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff damage, and tennis or golfers elbow.
Hip & Pelvis Pain
Discomfort in your hips or pelvis can dramatically affect your movement and flexibility. We commonly treat various conditions in these areas, including SIJ, FAI (impingement), arthritis and joint replacement, hamstring tendonitis, stress fractures, adductor injuries, and more.
Knee Injury
Knee problems can affect everyone. If you engage in regular sports, particularly high-impact activities, you are especially at risk for knee damage. At our clinic we commonly help with post-operative knee rehab, meniscus damage, PFJ (Patella) damage, osteoarthritis, and recovery for the ACL, PCL, and MCL.
Ankle Pain & Injury
If you regularly engage in sports or high-impact physical activity, you are especially at risk for ankle conditions. We can help speed up recovery from damage to the ligament, compartment syndrome, calf strains, shin splints, and other ankle-related problems.
Shoulder Injury
When your shoulder function is limited, day-to-day life can become extremely challenging. Common shoulder conditions our physiotherapists will often treat include frozen shoulder, bursitis, dislocation, subluxation, rotator cuff tears, and sub-acromial impingement.
Eastside Physiotherapy

Benefits Of Physiotherapy

Pain Relief

Discomfort is often what brings you through our clinic doors. We will work to address all immediate symptoms to provide some much-needed relief.

Injury Prevention

Nobody wants recurring damage. If you’ve had an accident set you back, we won’t just be working toward recovery. Our goal is to prevent future damage or return of the same condition.

Increase Movement & Mobility

Losing your movement and mobility limits your ability to engage in even the simplest daily activities. With the right exercise techniques, you can regain mobility and flexibility.

Enhanced recovery

Getting back on your feet as soon as possible is the most common end goal for patients. If you’ve gone through a significant injury or are recovering from our surgery, our support can help you get back to regular health faster and better.

Build Strength

Losing strength as a result of sudden or gradual damage to your body is natural. With personal exercise recommendations and even classes at our facility, we can help you build back all that key strength.

Overall Health

Everyone deserves to live the fullest, best version of their life possible. Together, we will work toward increasing your quality of life and optimising your overall health by addressing all areas of your physical life.

Injury Prevention and Recovery at Eastside Physio

Our services go beyond short-term relief. When your body undergoes damage, it becomes more likely to repeat the same injury in the future. That's why we approach our recovery plans with a long-term mindset. We want to ease your discomfort and get you back on your feet while also offering advice and lifestyle changes to protect you for many years to come. Going through physiotherapy treatment with us is an investment in your ongoing health and well-being.

Why Choose Eastside Physio?

Local Expertise

You shouldn’t have to travel far and wide to find the highest level of care available. Our clinic is a local solution for anyone in Ashburton and surrounding areas like Glen Iris. It is easy to navigate your way from High Street to our clinic, making us your perfect go-to for essential care. 

Range of Treatment Options

We take pride in not only being able to offer a top-notch selection of physio recovery plans, but also in offering tailored advice to help you find the best path forward.

Individualised Care

We prioritise honest and knowledgeable care that isn’t ‘one size fits all’. Every patient is different, and we work hard to listen to your needs and build a route to recovery that is perfectly catered to your unique needs and goals. 

Book your appointment

Choose collaborative care. You deserve to have a voice in your own recovery. Here at Eastside Physio, we take care to listen to our patients and delivering the precise care that will best support each individual on their own journey. If you're an Ashburton local, our team is ready to become your go-to physiotherapy provider. Say goodbye to pain and restricted movement -- make a booking today to start your road to recovery at Eastside.

Treating patients across AuburnBalwynBlackburnBox HillBurwoodCamberwellCanterburyDoncaster and Hawthorn. Whether you’re experiencing knee, hip or joint pain, our team can work swiftly to identify the right treatment plan for you. Book below to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I see a physio or a GP?

Physiotherapists are trained to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries. If your injury is relating to your muscles, bones, or joints, then seeing a physio is better than visiting your GP.


Why would someone see a physio?

You may be referred to a physio because you need help managing pain, balance, mobility, or motor function. For many people, physiotherapy is a recovery solution after injuries, surgery, or chronic health problems.


How do I choose a good physiotherapist?

At the end of the day, you need to find a healthcare provider that works for you. We recommend prioritising experience, professionalism, and a dedication to honest and personalised care.


How often should I see a physio?

No two patients are the same. Your physio will build a custom treatment plan with a tailored recommendation regarding the number and frequency of your appointments.


Who is physiotherapy good for?

Physiotherapy is a viable option for people with musculoskeletal injuries or conditions, injured athletes, people who are recovering from surgery, and people facing chronic pain.

Our Ashburton Physiotherapists

At Eastside Physio we take a collaborative approach to your health. We combine our collective knowledge to offer you the most well-rounded treatment plan possible, and we aren’t afraid to join forces if it may be the most beneficial route for you.


Each of our team members has specific areas of interest, so regardless of your injury or condition we have the physio— or physios in Ashburton— for you.

Directions To The Clinic From Ashburton

By Car:

  1. Start from Ashburton and head north on High Street towards Prospect Hill Rd.

  2. Turn right onto Prospect Hill Rd and proceed east for approximately 1.5 km.

  3. Turn left onto Elgar Rd and continue north for about 3.7 km.

  4. Turn left onto Canterbury Rd and travel west for approximately 750 metres.

  5. Eastside Physio + Co will be located on your left-hand side at 427 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills 3127.

By Bus:

  1. From Ashburton, walk to the nearest bus stop and take bus route 612 towards Box Hill.

  2. Alight at the Canterbury Rd/Elgar Rd bus stop.

  3. Walk west along Canterbury Rd for approximately 750 metres, and Eastside Physio + Co will be on your left-hand side at 427 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills 3127.

By Tram:

  1. From Ashburton, walk or take a bus to the nearest tram stop serviced by Route 75 (e.g., Riversdale Rd/High Street).

  2. Take Route 75 tram towards Central Pier Docklands and alight at the Riversdale Rd/Elgar Rd tram stop.

  3. Transfer to the Route 109 tram towards Box Hill and alight at the Canterbury Rd/Elgar Rd tram stop.

  4. Walk west along Canterbury Rd for approximately 750 metres, and Eastside Physio + Co will be on your left-hand side at 427 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills 3127.

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