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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Physiotherapy Surrey Hills

At Eastside Physio + Co, we believe that every individual, regardless of their challenges, deserves the chance to move, feel, and live better. We're not just physiotherapists; we're advocates for a world where physical limitations don't define your potential.

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How Physiotherapy can help you

Our physiotherapists are highly skilled at tailoring treatments for NDIS disability clients.  We understand that everyone has unique needs, and we're here to provide individualized care, ensuring that each journey is personalized, effective, and empowering.

With our dedicated team, state-of-the-art equipment, and a deep commitment to your well-being, we are here to help you reach your potential. From pain relief and improving mobility to enhancing your daily functional activities, we're by your side, cheering on every milestone.

Already registered with the NDIS?

If you're already registered with the NDIS and are wanting an in-clinic appointment, you can simply go ahead and book an Initial Physiotherapy appointment now. 

So we can avoid any administrative delays, be sure to mention that you are are funded by the NDIS.  We will need some basic information including your name, NDIS registration number,  and how your fund is being managed.

We come to you!

Our mobile therapists are available to help you at home or in the community!

We cover the Inner North-West Metro region as well as the local Boorondara and Whitehorse regions.

If you have any questions about our mobile physio service or would like to book, contact our friendly team via the link below.

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Find out if you're eligible

Please be advised that our team members are not trained to help people navigate the NDIS registration process.  If you are wanting more information on eligibility or registration you can access more information at;


Phone the NDIS on 1800 800 110 for assistance.

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