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Louisa Stewart


Special interests:


Louisa studied a Bachelor of Exercise Science at the University of Tasmania before completing her Masters of Physiotherapy Practice at La Trobe University. This gives her a special understanding of body mechanics that has a direct application to her understanding of pilates in the clinical space. She also has worked at a number of large scale gyms over the years, which further adds to her knowledge and experience.


Louisa enjoys her Pilates Lead role at Eastside. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of Pilates and exercise and is always happy to work closely with people to achieve a tailored program that matches their goals in this space.  Louisa particularly enjoys the variation of her Pilates role which allows her to work with people from all across the health spectrum; from those clients who have just recently made the decision to be more active, through to those who are further along their fitness journey and are seeking more advanced guidance to move to the next level.


Louisa's particular skillset includes managing hip and knee conditions. She places a high emphasis on the early and accurate diagnosis for hip and knee pain, and employs hands-on therapy and evidence-based rehabilitation and to alleviate discomfort and enhance mobility for her clients. 


ACL injuries are a special interest and strength of Louisa's clinical work.  She has a comprehensive knowledge of the injury and an extensive experience helping patients through all stages of the treatment journey from post-rupture through to rehabilitation and return to sport.  Louisa is well-placed to help if you are exploring the option of surgical and non-surgical approaches for ACL rupture.


Drawing from personal experience in rowing at club and state levels, Louisa connects well with athletes and a young sporty population.  She always offers quality solutions to promote optimum recovery and minimise injury risk.  


Outside of her professional commitments, Louisa embodies an active lifestyle, engaging in activities such as running, surfing, tennis and gym workouts. This passion for physical well-being not only enhances her professional skills but ensures a deeper understanding of types of sporting injuries and efficient reloading strategies.


Louisa understands the importance of balance in life. She values her downtime and finds relaxation in walking her labradoodle Axi, baking something at home, or savouring a long lunch with girlfriends. This holistic approach influences her comprehensive understanding of health, happiness and the integration of psychological well being into management for client's best outcomes.

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