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Riley Anastasi


Special interests:

  • Sporting Injuries

  • Spinal pain and rehabilitation

  • Osteoarthritis management


Riley has completed his Doctor of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne, previously earning a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science from Deakin University. These qualifications have equipped Riley with a professional knowledge in the use of hands-on techniques, exercise prescription and rehabilitation for injury management in both a general and athletic population. Riley’s rehabilitation experience extends across amateur football, personal training studios, and work in an exercise scientist role (including working in schools). 

Through his extensive and varied experience Riley has skills to help people from all walks of life, different ages and with varying goals. His interest lies in problem solving what is the root cause of a patient’s pain and how best to help them move and feel better. 

Riley believes that ‘movement is medicine’ and that, with guidance, every person can find the best path to recovery – and he feels privileged to be able to help people figure out just that! In his consultations, Riley will collaborate with you as the client to set meaningful goals that will direct your rehabilitation journey. Always doing his best to keep what is meaningful to the client at the center of the journey as you work together towards your goals. 

In his personal life, Riley is an avid outdoors man and loves anything that involves catching some sun (or sometimes rain and wind) and getting moving. He lives an active lifestyle, so you can be reassured that he practices what he teaches. You can often find him training in the gym, but his real passion lies with running. In 2024 he has signed up for both a half marathon (Great Ocean Road Running Festival) and a full marathon (Gold Coast Marathon).  

On his weekends, he will often sneak out of metro areas to run one of the many serene trails available; or can be found doing anything from surfing at the beach to mountain biking or camping in the high country. His latest project has been taking up fly fishing, which is yet to be overly fruitful but is very enjoyable! 

New to the area, he is also on the hunt for the best local coffee shop and would eagerly accept some local knowledge and recommendations.  

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