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Surrey Hills Sporting Injuries

Swift Recovery, Maximum Performance:
Expert Care for Sporting Injuries

Sports injuries can be a real hurdle, impacting your performance and keeping you away from the activities you love. At Eastside Physio + Co, we specialize in comprehensive care for sporting injuries, leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise of our highly-trained physiotherapists to facilitate the fastest and safest return to training and games.

Understanding Sporting Injuries

Participating in sports comes with its fair share of potential injuries, from sprains and strains to more complex issues like ligament tears and fractures. Recognizing the specific nature of the injury is crucial for devising an effective treatment plan. 

We understand the unique physical demands of sports on both growing and mature bodies. Our clinic is equipped with cutting-edge technology and specialized equipment designed to accelerate recovery and optimize performance. From advanced rehabilitation machines to sports-specific exercise tools, our facility is tailored to meet the needs of athletes at every level.

Surrey Hills Sports Physiotherapy

Our Approach to Sporting Injury Rehabilitation

Our comprehensive approach to sporting injury rehabilitation focuses on:

  • Accurate Diagnosis: Thorough assessments to pinpoint the nature and extent of the injury.

  • Specialized Treatment Plans: Tailored rehabilitation programs based on the specific demands of sports and individual athletes.

  • Advanced Techniques: Utilisation of cutting-edge physiotherapy techniques and equipment for enhanced recovery.

  • Sports-Specific Training: Rehabilitation exercises designed to mimic the movements and demands of your sport.

  • Progress Monitoring: Regular assessments to track recovery progress and make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.

Fast-Track Return to Training and Games

Our goal is not just recovery but the fastest and safest return to the sports you love. The combination of our specialized equipment and the expertise of our physiotherapists ensures a comprehensive and efficient rehabilitation process, minimising downtime and maximising your performance.

Sporting Injuries 

How soon can I get back to sport after an injury?

The timeline for return to sport varies based on the nature and severity of the injury. Be sure that your treating physio will explain the extent of your injury including expected timeframes for recovery along with a detailed plan for things you can do to reduce time off the field. 

Can your physiotherapists help prevent future injuries?

Absolutely. Our team works with an active and athletic population on a day-to-day basis, so are perfectly equipped to provide guidance on injury prevention tailored to the unique conditions of your individual sport. 

What types of sports injuries do you treat?

We treat a wide range of sports injuries for individuals competing across all sporting disciplines including basketball, soccer, hockey, footy, cricket, rowing, tennis, athletics etc. 

Why choose Eastside Physio + Co for sporting injury rehabilitation in Australia?

Our combination of highly trained staff and comprehensive rehab facilities allows for an effective approach to sports injury rehabilitation, perfectly suited for athletes across all levels and age groups. 

Regain Your Competitive Edge with Eastside Physio + Co

Don't let a sports injury keep you on the sidelines for long. Trust our expert care that prioritises a swift and safe return to training and games. We are pleased to be supporting clients in Melbourne's east from a range of suburbs including Surrey Hills, Ashwood, Ashburton, Auburn, Balwyn, Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Camberwell, Canterbury, Doncaster and Hawthorn.

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