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Quick fixes, miracle cures and an industry built on the vulnerability of people in pain.


How have we made so many medical developments in the past decade, yet the incidence of back pain has not changed?


Up until now we’ve been doing it wrong.  Scans, injections, surgery, needles, heat packs and countless hours (and dollars) in doctor’s rooms and health centers.


At Eastside we’ve taken a step back and had a good hard look at ourselves and what we do to treat people suffering from back pain.


So here’s how we do it; 


Firstly, we Listen. 


We ask you to tell us your story and we listen.  Every back injury and pain response is different and a thorough history allows us to identify causes.


We work together to map out how our intervention will address YOUR pain and get you back to doing the things you enjoy.


Does this sound like you?  

  • “I’ve had to take days off work due to back pain”   

  • “I’m finding it difficult to do exercise because I’m worried about making it worse” 

  • “I was told my spine was out of alignment”  

  • “I have a disk bulge” or “I have disc degeneration”

These statements are heard much too often in our clinic. The belief that a damaged structure will never tolerate activity again can be a real barrier to successful resolution of back pain.


We make sure we translate the medical jargon and the scans so you know exactly what’s going on.


Secondly, we Assess:


We pick apart the pieces from YOUR story that strongly predict back pain. We assess your movement or painful activities and look for compensation in movement or things you’ve started doing to ‘protect’ yourself.


Pain is about protection and we can SHOW YOU HOW YOU”RE REINFORCING PAIN with protective movement strategies and behaviors.

Most people are unaware of protective strategies which are keeping them in a pain trap. Unless these compensations are addressed i.e. “I was told I shouldn’t bend my back” or “I’m scared I’ll do further damage”, then you’ll find it difficult to progress.


The great news is that no matter how bad your pain is or how long you’ve been affected, there is always a way out.


Thirdly we Treat YOU – not your scans:


We use hands-on treatment techniques to settle your acute pain. 


We retrain your normal movements and strengthen your body and pain system to allow a progressive return to the things that matter.  We want you to move without fear and in a way that is normal and non-protective.


We follow-up with you until you have your life back. Until you can play with the kids, go to work, go for a run, go to the movies, wash the car, or do the gardening without pain.  Because life’s too short to live with pain. 


THIS is the modern, evidence-based approach to treating back pain.

At Eastside Physio + Co, we are committed to delivering the best care to the locals of Surrey Hills and its neighbouring areas. Our skilled and experienced surrey hills physios​ are dedicated to supporting the well-being of our clients, who come from a variety of nearby suburbs, including AshwoodAshburtonAuburnBalwynBlackburnBox HillBurwoodCamberwellCanterburyDoncaster and Hawthorn

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