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1) Dynamic Warm-up: Get to your session early and warm-up with movement. Take your body through the types of movement patterns that you’re about to perform. This should include;

  • Deep squats

  • Walking lunges

  • Box jumps

  • Trunk twists, and

  • Plank holds (front and side)


​2) Sleep: There is an increased risk of injury with less than the recommended 7-8hrs of sleep for adults. Sleep is something you cannot compromise due to early morning sessions. Set your alarm to go to bed, as well as to wake up.

3) Mobilise Daily: Your body’s workload is about to increase. With this should come measures to ensure your soft-tissues (muscles, joints, tendons) aren’t stiff or tight. We recommend 15-20min per day of rolling, trigger ball release work and spine mobility (yoga type movement).

4) Modify Exercises Where Needed: Consistency is the key. If you need to, lower the impact of a session by modifying movements, reducing the weight or decreasing your range of movement. Keeping your training consistent is a much better option than missing sessions completely.  Over time, your body will adapt to training, which will improve your results and decrease the chance of sustaining an injury.

5) Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Chat with your trainers about movements you’re not confident with, or techniques you need may correcting. Train with intensity but maintain your technique. Common areas to check:

  • Jump and landing – soft landing with knees over feet.

  • Deadlifts – neutral spine and loading hamstrings and glutes more than lumbar erectors.

  • Plank – protracted shoulders, neutral neck, low hips with glute and quad squeeze.



At Eastside Physio + Co, we are committed to delivering the best care to the locals of Surrey Hills and its neighbouring areas. Our skilled and experienced surrey hills physios​ are dedicated to supporting the well-being of our clients, who come from a variety of nearby suburbs, including AshwoodAshburtonAuburnBalwynBlackburnBox HillBurwoodCamberwellCanterburyDoncaster and Hawthorn

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