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Isabella Thom


Special interests:


Isabella is a passionate physiotherapist who earned her Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours from Monash University. In her final Honours year, Isabella was selected to participate in an additional Research Mentorship Program in which she studied Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain, giving her a deeper understanding of shoulder conditions. Demonstrating a particular interest in various forms of back pain and sciatica, as well as ACL rehabilitation, Isabella has conducted supplementary research and delivered presentations on these topics within a clinical setting.


Bella is passionate about assisting clients of all ages in restoring their physical function and overall health so that they can continue to participate in activities that they enjoy. Focussing on an holistic approach, Bella is passionate about working with clients to develop health solutions where they feel supported and empowered to achieve their goals. 


With a diverse background in several sports, including basketball, netball, and rowing, Isabella is particularly attuned to the challenges that individuals face when side-lined by injuries. Her dedication lies in guiding clients through the recovery process, enabling them to regain function to return to doing what they love. 


Bella’s personal commitment to health and fitness extends beyond her professional life, evident in her active lifestyle, including participation in Pilates, running, netball, and general strength training, reflecting her belief in the positive impact of physical activity. In her spare time Isabella enjoys unwinding with a good book, staying consistent with her exercise programs, and when possible, escaping to the bush to explore new trails.

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