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Growing Pains And Shin Splints

A really common issue for children and adolescents at this time of the year is pain in the lower leg and shin area.


This is often labeled growing pain or shin splints and most parents like to treat this with a ‘wait and see’ approach. We commonly see these children once their symptoms become so bad that it affects their ability to compete in sport or participate in daily activities with their friends.


The important distinction is whether these symptoms are coming from soft tissue structures such as tendons or if there is an underlying condition that needs a different approach. These may include stress fractures, bone tumors, growth plate pathology etc.


Why Should You See a Physiotherapist?


As primary health care providers it is our role to take a thorough history and perform a physical examination. A physiotherapist can determine the exact cause and allow us to appropriately manage your child. With an accurate diagnosis the appropriate treatment plan can be implemented, which will result in a faster recovery and return to activity.

How can physiotherapy help this condition?


Reduce pain through specific hands on techniques, dry needling, soft tissue releases, stretches and exercises.

  • Manage exercise loads to reduce excessive work on your child’s joints and bones.

  • Analyses your child’s movements e.g. running, jumping and landing to ensure their technique is correct and not increasing the loads through the body.

  • Rule out serious pathologies such as stress fractures or tumors.

Physiotherapists are in a great position to help determine the cause of your child’s painful shins.


By providing an early diagnosis, finding the cause of the symptoms and implementing management strategies your child will return to sport safely.

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