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Michael Quilligan


Special interests:

  • Knee pain and ACL rehab

  • Shoulder Injuries

  • Back pain + Sciatica

Mikey graduated from Dublin City University with a Bachelor of Athletic Therapy and Training and then completed his Masters of Physiotherapy at Robert Gordon University, Scotland. He has worked extensively in musculoskeletal private practice and in sporting clubs in both Ireland and Australia. 

Mikey has a keen interest in the management of knee injuries including ACL reconstruction, meniscal injuries, and osteoarthritis.  He has further expanded his expertise by completing advanced courses in ACL reconstruction return-to-play protocols, running biomechanics, strength and conditioning.


Mikey has extensive experience in managing complex shoulder injuries including rotator cuff injuries and bursitis. He assisted in the creation of The Shoulder Clinic, a NHS public rehabilitation facility for rotator cuff injuries. Mikey has completed post-graduate training in athletic shoulder pain making him the perfect fit for those suffering from shoulder dislocation, AC joint injuries, and labral tears.

After completing post-graduate training in the management of low back pain and sciatica Mikey enjoys helping those struggling with ongoing back pain.   His main reason for taking a special interest in managing back pain is seeing how much it can change peoples lives when they get the right treatment.  His plan is to quickly reduce your pain with hands-on treatment before moving on to regaining movement and rebuilding strength for great long term outcomes.

Mikey specializes in a holistic, individualized, hands-on approach to helping you achieve your goals. Passionate about providing solutions for injury management, Mikey assesses the body as a whole, addressing the root causes of injuries rather than just treating the symptoms.

Patients under Mikey's care benefit not only from his expertise but also from his professional manner and goal-oriented approach to therapy.

Outside of physiotherapy, Mikey enjoys traveling, experiencing new cultures, and competing in athletics and hurling (a crazy Irish sport).

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